Founded in 2009 by João Guerra and Luís Figo, Football Dream Factory launched proprietary platforms related to youth football under the brands “Dream Football” and “A Escolinha do Figo”.

Following the success of these platforms, many brands, at a global scale, wanted to associate themselves to these concepts, capturing awarenes and building equity.

Football Dream Factory’s experience with it’s proprietary brands was quickly rolled out to the birth of a true sports marketing agency, specialized in the development of brand activations, multimedia contents, football stars engagement and sports events.

Built on top of a strong network in football with deep connections with all the stakeholders in this sport, Football Dream Factory offers a unique and specialized service for brands and companies who want to leverage all the awareness and equity building power of football!


João Guerra - CEO & Creative Director

25 years experience working with brands, 15 of which working in Marketing and Sales for companies like Heineken, Unilever and Mars.

Luís Figo – Partner

One of the greatest players of all time, respected both in and outsider the pitch, a businessman, entrepreneur,and currently UEFA President’s Football Advisor.

Luís Costa – Corporate Relations Director

Former Executive Director at the Portuguese League, Luís Costa is an expert in connecting with all major football institutions and stakeholders. Luís also has a long experience in running legends events and organizing pre-season teams’ matches and hospitality.

Miguel Sousa – Events Director

With a long experience working for companies like Unilever, Mundial-Confiança, Novis Telecom and Mars, Miguel has been running events in 15 different countries with Football Dream Factory since day 1.

João Grama – Executive Producer

With a past build from art photography and filming, João is an expert in multimedia production

Hugo Ferreira – Design, Communication and Media

Coming from a Design background, Hugo develops and runs all the communication for Football Dream Factory’s projects and for it’s proprietary platforms







Brands we’ve worked with


Dream Football

Global Digital Scouting Platform – 217 countries

A Escolinha do Figo Multimedia Content

Number 1 TV Show in Portugal 3-9 years old between 2011 and 2013

A Escolinha do Figo

Football Academies – 51 academies in Portugal

Soccer Avatars

Soccer Avatars Game


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